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My drop of salt in this ocean pf madness

Nikolabrac#5277Nikolabrac#5277 Registered Users Posts: 725
The teaser is for Dogs of war and here is why I think soo
1 - its a warriors constelation and all DOW are soldiers and warriors
2- its set in the empire and while it has a lot of content its probably going to be while before iz gets it so we should assume it just old world related
3- DOW are highly requested and wouldnt be hard to implement but you would have to be creative ( maybe an order horde with decleration of war missions and a reputation sistem like the Vcoast)


  • JungleElf#8229JungleElf#8229 Registered Users Posts: 6,753
    edited January 2021

    No, it's Warhammer 3. It's Altdorf and the College of the Celestial Order.

    It can't get much more Imperial.
  • #326161#326161 Registered Users Posts: 2,175
    edited January 2021
    The constelation is mostly related to the dwarves, it is litterly a dwarf, it is just that it has meaning to the empire and its soldiers and soldiers in general.
  • SakuraHeinzSakuraHeinz Registered Users Posts: 3,232
    The wizard is concerned about it, I dont think its about any order race.
  • Rasmus242#8560Rasmus242#8560 Registered Users Posts: 691
    Fairly certain it's the first of a string of teases for an end times event of chaos invading. Starts off with an Altdorf geek spying the sky and finding it looking funky and then it gets worse from there or some such.

    Just makes no sense to tease other races by some vague spying of the sky in Altdorf.
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