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I cant play multiplayer battles.

Ardi-YaArdi-Ya Registered Users Posts: 1
After a while playing Rome 2 i want play rome 2 in multiplayer mode but i have found i cant.

This is how my gamescreen looks like

In the first pic i cant click in the "dlc botton" since i've told im not connected to internet (i have internet connection obviously)

After ckick in the battle tab, i cant play neither in the Quick match mode (aka Batalla rápida), and after clicking in multiplayer match. I just can go for LAN matches. Not multiplayer. The botton looks like i cant (is not disabled like in the "quick battle" tab) but when i click on it nothing happends and stay in LAN mode.

I tryed to re install or even install other versions and i still having this problem.

About versions, most of gameplays i saw on internet the main screen there is not a helenic helmet but an roman eagle with a map of mediterranean see. I dont know if that have something to do, altough i installed rome 2 in the "eagle" version and the problem still there.

Of course i tryed to disable the antivirus and allowed the game to go through the wiindows firewall


  • HN94518HN94518 Registered Users Posts: 5
    Sounds like a firewall issue or maybe you are on an older version that you need to update.

    When I boot up the game, sometimes I get two firewall warnings, which is strange considering I always select the option to never ask me again.

    Regarding the background, I think you can choose from multiple different backgrounds
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