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Missed oppertunities in WH2



  • SerpentarSerpentar Registered Users Posts: 24
    edited February 2
    saweendra said:

    They are not sacrificed they are additional military resources of ze Lady's secret realm and come out in dire situations to kick ass.

    But in the mean time they serve the Lady as all who live in Fair bretonnia.

    They become her thralls, so it's indeed a sacrifice.
    For some reason learning about true nature of ze Lady is not very pleasant for the living and conscious brets.
    saweendra said:

    Infact in terms political power Fay Enchantress can override the king of bretonnia, and only thing that can even negotiate with Grail damsels when they set their foot down is the king alone.

    A Grail damsel out rank all bretonnian nobility except the king.

    Exactly, and they made Fay Enchantress expropriate a nice big city for herself in game, along with a personal faction. Bretonnia didn't need more lords just for the sake of gender representation.
    Bertrand with peasant/outlaw army and guerilla tactics would be the best to cover the "peasant" side of Bretonnia.
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