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CTD after winning provincal sally counter attack (dwarfs vs orcs)

billybobbabbyboybillybobbabbyboy Registered Users Posts: 3
I have a rranged my crash report around the "read this before posting" thread.

>Build Number (this can be found in the top right hand corner of the main menu screen)
version 1.10.1 and a bunch of numbers that i cant be bothered to transcribe (see capture.PNG)

>Detailed description of what happened before the crash
playing a dwarf campaign, the karak guy. sieging that big mountain provincal capital owned by grimgor that i assume they get from the start. one besieging and one reinforcing. there is an enemy army garrisoned in the besieged province capital that may or may not be in a waaagh state. this is the first turn of the settlement being sieged and have begun building one siege tower. i end my turn. on grimgor's turn he sallies out to break the siege. i win the battle. i end the battle. the loading screen works as normal until the progress bar fills up, at which point the music stops playing and i crash to desktop.
>The relevant mini dump file
>A copy of your Campaign .save game, if the crash occurs during a Campaign.
>A copy of your DxDiag
>A copy of your preferences script
>A copy of your modified.log file (.txt)


  • Lampros73Lampros73 Registered Users Posts: 158
    I have had this issue as well after fighting a Waaagh army, as have others. We think it is the "parent" Waaagh army being destroyed, leaving the attached Waaagh army un-attached and confusing the game. But I wish I could know for sure.

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