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It would be hilarious if CA made a Nurgling Reacts video for TWW3's trailer

Aman3712Aman3712 Registered Users Posts: 669
Like how CA made videos where a Great Goblin Shaman reacted to Warhammer 1 and the Skaven Scribe reacted to Warhammer 2, I think it would be a pretty funny idea if CA were to make a third reaction video, this time featuring something like a Nurgling reacting to Warhammer 3 XD


  • OdTengri#8235OdTengri#8235 Registered Users Posts: 10,231
    Nah man.... That didn't go well last time for the VO that did it.

    He did a great job on all the voice lines for the game but the in the reacts video he came off more goblinoid than Skaven and he took a lot of heat.
  • Aman3712Aman3712 Registered Users Posts: 669
    edited February 2021
    Oof, true...

    I recall hearing something about that a while back, but yeah that sounded rough
  • OdTengri#8235OdTengri#8235 Registered Users Posts: 10,231
    Yeah he was a real good sport about it, I really felt bad for the guy though. I mean I doubt that they budgeted him the time and money needed for a AAA performance.

    I mean imagine judging a Basket Ball player by his performance in the middle of the off season while he's playing horse in his buddies drive way. It's just not really fair to someone who's profession leaves everyone expecting them to give their 110% at all times.
  • mightygloin#2446mightygloin#2446 Registered Users Posts: 6,275
    Pretty curious who will react this time. Goblin Shaman was pretty hilarious.
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