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Need help with WRE faction on legendary for" This is total war achievement"

AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 21
I have restarted the campaign 20 times now and cant seem to hold my position and prevent enemies from attacking italy settlements directly...

I dont see how doing legendtotwar strategy on legendary working...

It is too much and I'm over extending my forces and find it frustrating...

I demolish everything outside of italy and narbonensis.

But the enemys dont government you time to prepare and keep advancing to italy...

What am i too do?

Put my troops in cities at access points north and south and just hold out like in a seige for 50 turns until i slowly build everything to lvl 4?

I dont see how doing this achievement as western rome on legendary is going to work...

I'm tempted to just do it on easy after 20 failed retries....

I have played each retry until the enemy gets to southern italy and if i fail i quit...

I'm trying to attack enemies in africa and wipe them out while maintaining armies north of the alps to fight the alamans and vandals and other factions but it is becoming too much...

And annoying everytime I do it again ,the ai doesnt get it ,I dont want them to come at me that fast within 20 turns..I need 50 to consolidate.....

They broke Attila on legendary as western rome and need to fix or patch the game by removing all 0enaltys and morale buffs ....

I cant stand doing it over and over like this if it isnt working...

I'm trying to avoid constant fighting and build up first ,and I just auto resolve all settlements with no buildings or money in them...giving them nothing to sack...

Frustrating....I want to do it as western rome but CA broke the **** game on legendary....


  • greendolphingreendolphin Registered Users Posts: 53
    Try Iberian peninsula rather than Italy.
  • RewanRewan Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,163
    Build 3 stacks of Spears + one siege engine in one of the stacks. Faceroll the map with that.

    My personal collection of hazardous tests and quickfixes (yes this is a link).
    Wondering why you get some traits on your characters this may give you a vague idea

    Balance enthusiast, I like tinkering and messing with stuff and values. Cool heads prevails !
  • AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 21
    I started over and tried to do legendary general and this is total war achievement by doing the manual battles and I just cant get any favorable conditions....

    I want support to forward my request to the Devs for a patch in legendary difficulty.
  • AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 21
    edited February 17
    Rewan said:

    Build 3 stacks of Spears + one siege engine in one of the stacks. Faceroll the map with that.

    The game needs to be patched for western rome specifically...if the two achievments Legendary General and This is Total War can be earned by other factions but not by Rome....theres a problem...
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  • AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 21
    im tired of trying this game is broken...sigh im outa here...
  • AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 21

    Try Iberian peninsula rather than Italy.

    You might be expanding too fast. You can try forming allies in the beginning (no enemies), bidding your time, and attack only when you feel you can take the city and hold it against the counterattacking force.

    I think they made the two achievements for this game to be a bad joke....

    They made it impossible to get legendary general and this is total war achievements.

    Why ?
    Because that's the joke...

    Once you realize they broke the game intentionally for Western and Eastern Rome ,you just wasted a month getting no where.....

    They need to fix the game for Western Rome and Eastern as well...

    That is the bad joke...

    They scammed all of us with a broken game they wont fix...
  • AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 21
    The last game I bought was Attila ...and it will remain the last one I buy from them until they fix the 6 year old game Attila....
  • AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 21
    edited February 17

    Try Iberian peninsula rather than Italy.

    I want to get the achievments the quickest possible way...can I just concede defeat on battle map to save time and just get this is total war and legendary general achievment?

    I abandoned everything but spain and sardinia and mauretania...

    I want to just not waste time fighting pointless settlement battles by conceding defeat in order to earn the this is towal war and legendary general achievemnt...

    I need to know for sure the campaign I started isnt in vain...im conceding defeat on settlemtns that i couldnt abandoned...and go map then hit concede defat that does not count as auto resolve right? a yes or no answer will do.

    other wise depending on the answer I will have to start it over again...
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  • AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 21
    Is there a way to get the Legendary General achievement on last roman campaign when doing the veni vidi vici achievement????

    or can I continue the current campaign doing conceding defeat for a settlement battle of garrison units 40 each?

    its a waste to time to even go on the map
  • AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 21

    Try Iberian peninsula rather than Italy.

    So far the iberian plan is kinda working...

    I demolished buildings the same time as I abandoned them at the start.

    Except italy...I just demolished first turn the I demolished 2nd turn as I abandoned italy.

    Got 192k cash on start of 2nd turn...

    Used 90k plus and then demolished and abandoned italy on 2nd turn and got the cash back up to 154k on turn 3...

    Had to chase western roman separatist with stilicos army to aquila then Solana and then I razed both and disbanded army to save upkeep.

    Also got rid of gaetulians and marians in africa....

    Currently holding spain,mauretania and insulae occidentallis...

    Beat back ostrogoths two armys and alamans 2 armies wiped out a bastarnian army, in two turns with 1 stack.

    Alamans came with 2 beat them...
    Then bastarnians 1 stack at pompaelo.

    Then ostrogoths 2 stacks over at caesaraugusta.

    Sank two navies near lusitania with small fleet of ram ships.

    So far I'm hoping for a chance....chapter 1 is almost done.
  • AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 21
    edited March 10

    Try Iberian peninsula rather than Italy.

    I did 163 turns into chapter 3 and the huns showed up and wrecked a couple provinces crucial to recruiting...

    I started over.

    Is there something I need to do to beat them?
    I had elite ballistarii, scholae gentiles and legio commitensensis.

    I made a post in thrones of britannia by mistake.

    Can you tell me what I did wrong with the campaign?

  • chainsawddchainsawdd Registered Users Posts: 192
    This is total war achievement? That one requires you to declare war on every faction? Anyway, dev doesn't force you to get the achievements in one playthrough. I get "This is total war achievement" playing Suebian faction in legendary difficulty. WRE is too difficult for me to get this achievement.
  • WillyTaftWillyTaft Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hey friend,

    Hope you have gotten your achievement by now.

    I've seen Legend's series and it inspired me to do a couple of playthroughs on it. I've probably beaten it around 5 times so far with a pretty solid start.... with that being said my way of beating it requires cheesing through the use of the fortify mode for your armies. (so if you hate dirty cheesers don't read anymore)

    Fortify mode: I usually just stack all my units in a corner of the encampment until the 20 min timer runs out. (also don't fortify near a river) [losing the center of an encampment doesn't make you lose even if the timer runs out]

    There are only 4 provinces I let the AI raze/occupy - Pannonia, Dalmatia, Britannia Inferior and Leptis Magna (By 405 I take back the last two)

    On turn one there are 3 battles that must take place or else your campaign must start over:
    1. Move Sextus Perennis to the Lead settlement in Britannia and don't hire any mercenaries or disband the cavalry. After you beat the Ebdanians in the settlement battle, destroy them turn 2 (Do a full recruitment for this army on turn 1)
    2. Move Hilarius in range of the Suebians but ensure he can fortify and have a full recruitment for him as well. After you win the battle destroy the Suebi turn 2 (if the Suebians don't take the bait, start the campaign over)
    3. With your army in Pannonia, move it out of the city and fortify it and full recruit. After you win the battle, destroy the Quadi turn 2 (The Quadians always take the bait) [I usually replace the general with Honorius and start gaining him experience and hopefully some positive traits)

    Some general tips that you can use at your own discretion:
    A. Raise your taxes on turn 1 and never look back - The WRE is hindered by the huge immigration penalties that disrupt your public order, the only way to reduce this is to increase taxes
    I. The max immigration PO penalty for each province becomes -9, but raising taxes a level will make it -6 so in the long run you actually get better public order along with all the money you make from increased taxes
    II. Rebels are your friends, I've found my generals' experience are crucial and by year 400 AD I usually have almost 7-8 rank V generals
    B. Constantly rotate generals, I usually have atleast 5 in the bank at the start of all my turns, in your first 10 turns I recommend recruiting every general you see. I also always rotate Honorius and experience dump him, since he is 16 he is actually very valuable and will eventually gain some important traits along the journey
    C. I only put governers in Venetia, Insulae Occidentalis, Magna Graeca, Italia and Liguria and make the peninsula my main source of income (I only use the anti-corruption edict). If I manage to get a 6th then I put him in Africa.
    D. I like to bleed dry the ERE on turn one- I join war against everyone they are at war with and charge them heavily, then I go to the Iazyges and make them pay me to break my trade with ERE. Then I go back to ERE and make them pay me to re trade with them. (Only works if the ERE starts off green towards you)
    E. Force the franks to go to war with the Saxons, if they are defensive they won't. Force the Angles to go to war with the jutes, I usually pay 300-500 for this. Right after, i declare war on Angles and force the Geats to go to war with the Angles (should cost you nothing)
    F. Join war against the White huns via the Sassanids, then join war on Sassanids via Ghassanids. Make sure they pay you the full amount (1200 from Sassanids and 2000 from Ghassanids)
    G. Raze and destroy any faction that neighbors you - Franks, Marcomans and Alemmani
    H. Remember that any faction that has over 15 relation with you will give you money if you demand it (turn 1 of course)
    I. I don't bother with cavalry and usually just stack spears with like 3-4 ranged mercenaries. I also disband almost all cavalry on turn 1 before any battles
    J. For all my generals, I rush to complete the skill tree and don't usually put two skill points in anything until I get Vir Illustris for them. (if the general is over 45 I just do double points in the melee defence slots on the left and right)
    K. Destroy all churches, except the tier 2 church in Tarraconensis - Here you will recruit 3 priests and then destroy the chruch. I move my priests into Gallaecia, Lusitania and Carthagensis
    L. After I raze my neighbors, I just have armies sit in my border regions and start invading the ERE in Aegyptus until I can kill Attila in 420 then I roll the map.

    Hope this helps!
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