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An Expanded multiplayer for the Warhammer 3 game. 2-4 players.

BizmatecBizmatec Registered Users Posts: 1
This is just to be able to play the game with more than 1 other person in the co-op campaign mode.

2-4 people as any more would cause games to be far to unbalanced.

Perhaps look at a system where these people dont start as allies, just a thought.

Please look at a bigger multiplayer system. No more than 4 people.

Joke: Nerds have more than 1 friend sometimes XD


  • JesusthecarpenterJesusthecarpenter Registered Users Posts: 4
    Yes please. I dont care about long turn times. I'll paint warhammer while I play warhammer!!!
  • imBlizaimBliza Registered Users Posts: 12
    Can say i play with the same CoOp partner and it'd be AMAZING to have the ability to go to 3/4 as we constantly seem to have a third wanting to play but unable.
  • JesusthecarpenterJesusthecarpenter Registered Users Posts: 4
    Exactly. We have a stellaris group that includes 6 of us consistently. The empire building games are our thing and having more people in warhammer would make me play it nearly every night
  • ztargztarg Registered Users Posts: 1
    I agree, having up to four in a campaign would be awesome! But, I really hope we get some QoL attention for multiplayer campaigns.

    1. Let us increase the camera speed for lords/heroes, the default is painfully slow once you start getting into the later game and have many heroes on the map.

    2. Allow more to be done when it isn't your turn. I understand why simultaneous turns aren't allowed, but allowing us to queue up some stuff when it's not our turn would go so far in speeding the game up, things like building construction or starting item transfers on lords/heroes.

    3. There are a number of screens that you can't access during the other players turn (faction overview screen is inaccessible, diplomacy screen as well). Let us browse more things during downtime so that we can do more planning.

    4. Give an option to stick with standard victory conditions in ME as an option other than the current race to 100 occupies/razes. I realize they aren't balanced against each other at all, but the standard victory objectives are more interesting.

    Even with the frustrations, my roommate and I are currently having a blast in a head-to-head campaign (Turn 100 and counting). Please make it even better for Warhammer 3!
  • jhlevensjhlevens Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited March 26
    I want this so bad
  • KerrKreissigKerrKreissig Registered Users Posts: 1
    4-player Multi would be so, so awesome!

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