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Bug or lack of respect for Russian history?

DingfardDingfard Registered Users Posts: 1
Greetings, Sega. I would like to clarify one point, as it is very unpleasant for me, as a citizen of Russia. As you know, in Total War: Empire, the most popular of the main infantry units is the "Line Infantry".

If you look at them from the outside-they look extremely disciplined, each soldier holds a weapon in his hand. This can be seen, for example, in the British Line Infantry.

If we look at the soldiers of the regular militia, we can see that they hold their carbines extremely chaotically. Someone has put a gun on his shoulder, someone is holding it in two hands.

At the same time, when I started playing for the Russian Empire, the soldiers of the Line Infantry held their weapons as chaotically as the soldiers of the regular militia. The question is: why would that be? The soldiers of the Russian Empire from the earliest years perfectly fought and showed their fighting qualities. Under Emperor Peter I, we won a glorious victory over the Swedes, and more than once defeated the Turks. And with all this, Sega has such a strange attitude to such a state.

If you need screenshots, I will be happy to provide them.
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