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uhm...so i just lost 12000 points on 1 match

RawSugarRawSugar Registered Users Posts: 178
edited February 10 in Multiplayer
feature or bug? went from 100 to 910....would really like to know if thats something that can happen?
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  • hanenhanen Registered Users Posts: 514
    Story old as time!
  • RawSugarRawSugar Registered Users Posts: 178
    so like it happens sometimes? is it a bug or....?
  • WojmirVonCarsteinWojmirVonCarstein Registered Users Posts: 1,359
    Happened to me like 3 time already. Boy was I surprised the first time!

    I think I was already around 100 and dropped to like 1700 I think.

    Now given this and given the drop hack / draw kite / corner camping, I don't really pay too much attention to ranking
  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,620
    It’s a known bug. CA has attempted to fix it a few times but the fixes haven’t been successful. At this point, it’s just accepted as part of the ladder.
  • RawSugarRawSugar Registered Users Posts: 178
    yeah was already aware that being no. 42 at one point didnt really mean i was no 42 in the world. Still. it was nice after just a few months of multiplayer to place so highly, its not like i have a lot happening during shutdowm....h well, maybe now i can try some new builds again instead of perfecting favorable matchups^^
  • Slade_XSlade_X Registered Users Posts: 140
    I've experienced this since the ladder "fix" as well. Was in top 100 somwhere, played about 20 games. Think I lost 2out of the 20. Checked after games, was 900 and something.

    Can't pinpoint where it happened. But had no droppers during those games.

    This must have happened to me at least 10 times since I stated playing in WH1.

    I think the first few times I was pretty **** off.

    But honestly, if you're trying to climb the ladder, you're gonna have a bad time.

    A lot of the top 100 is made out of droppers, draw kiters and noob boxers (dodgers).
    + you got the hard counter, and only play on favourable map guys.

    Their are pleanty of good alternatives to the ladder these days. Just check out the discords.

    But in my experience. I enjoy QB a lot more, when I'm just meming, or bringing some fun builds. I've discovered a trick or too playing that way.

    Instead of bringing the same factions and exact same builds, game after soulless game.

    I got so many QB wins Grom would struggle to fit em all under his belt. But I still enjoy them. And I'm a much better player for ranked 1000 and something, then I was at 20 something.

  • RawSugarRawSugar Registered Users Posts: 178
    edited February 11
    yeah when i moved from casual to QB i lost a lot of what made the game fun, the level of play is so much better it quickly killed off favorite builds that in casual seemed very strong and i found myself more and more limiting builds to only the most efficient.
    I just lost to HEs down to 1 dragonlord against my 5 rock lobbers and while i truly dont like losing it was still fun up to that point, and before that i played my first dwarf vs skaven battle in 2 months (which i did win).
    So yeah i like winning and moving up the ladder but i think ill go back to picking my faction before the battle and do some more experimenting and the stats be damned.
    I do wish there were some play modes where faction was picked beforehand tho, its a lil annoying to be counterpicked constantly
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  • ystyst Registered Users Posts: 8,513
    edited February 12
    Well known bug since 2016

    Congrats on joining the club

    Climbing is pretty much pure luck, coz its out of your control, a useless opponent dropping his game can get u a lose game too so.... thats about the worst aspect of it and of coz this cray 10k point out of no where

    Pray they got a proper working ladder for war3

    I mean in if u look at it, in all honesty this game is pretty much still in BETA

    war 1 is alpha
    war 2 is beta

    only war3 is a real total, complete game. Whatever happens prior is nothing but beta testing or early access
    Top #3 Leaderboard on Warhammer Totalwar.
  • D4B0SSD4B0SS Registered Users Posts: 188
    yst said:

    Pray they got a proper working ladder for war3

    why pray? I just haven't bought a preorder.

    if the masses are too stupid and lazy to correct this behavior with their wallets, then I am not.
  • Black_PhillipBlack_Phillip Registered Users Posts: 563
    edited February 23
    Quickbattles ladder score doesn't matter anyways. Enticity's ladder is where it's at.

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