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Allow Malus Darkblade to negate Rampage on Cold Ones

TheGuardianOfMetalTheGuardianOfMetal Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 14,701

I want to suggest that Malus Darkblade gets an ability, be it a version of Cold Blooded, or a Passive AoE effect, that allows him to negate Rampage on Cold One and Cold One Knight Units.

in TT, Malus and Spite negated the "Stupidity" Rule in any unit of Cold Ones, Cold One Knights etc. They joined. In TW WH, this isn't represented at all, when Malus should've been a Lord with a focus on Cold One units.

So I think he should either have a special version of "Cold Blooded" that only works on Cold Ones, though a limited use ability on a single character could be a bit too weak.

Alternatively, and for me preferably, he should have an AoE effect that negates Rampage on Cold One units around him, maybe in campaign that could be upgraded to Map wide, so that his TT Effect would be represented and his focus on Cold Ones strengthened
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