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Misunderstanding waaagh with funny results

davidbrake@gmail.com[email protected] Registered Users Posts: 16
So I was trying out greenskins with wurzag and stumbling along. I finally reached Waagh at the same turn that I also managed to lose all my armies. So I thought "let's waagh anyway and I'll just spawn some new lords and have them fight and get joined by bonus units to fill out the ranks". I didn't realise you only get as many bonus units as you had original ones at the time you unleash it. So I unleashed it, built two lords and each one jumped at an army of enemies only to look behind them and go "hey, guys? Hello?".

I guess I should have checked the wiki first. https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/Call_to_WAAAGH!

Mind you I still don't know how long they would have stuck around if I had managed to use them to wipe out the target capital. Can you just give yourself a new target right away and keep rolling or does your balance go to zero once you have won?

And I know you might get some number of your leader's special units but what proportion of those and what number of other units turn up? If I had 20 units and was fighting in the badlands would I eventually grow to N special units and 20-N savage orcs?


  • SaintCornSaintCorn Registered Users Posts: 1,032
    After you complete a Waagh objective, the count resets back down to about zero if I remember correctly.

    It is random how that turns out. I don't believe you are guaranteed any of your faction specific Waagh units, but just that they are more likely or just as likely everywhere. Hope this helps.

  • Darthplagueis13Darthplagueis13 Registered Users Posts: 520
    When you complete a Waaagh objective it just counts down to zero. I don't know how exactly the game acts if you want to raze that objective, but if you are occupying it, you must still own it when the countdown reaches zero to get your trophy. When you successfully finish that waaagh, you get a small starting bonus for reputation and bonus effects from a trophy (the strength and kind of the effects depends on what faction you attacked).

    As for the units you have during the waaagh, there's really two factors:
    1: Faction effects.
    2: Terrain.

    Faction effects are pretty obvious, Grimgor gets more Black Orcs, Wurrzag gets Savage Orcs etc. The terrain specific ones are a bit more interesting because depending on where you are at you can get pretty insane waaagh armies. For instance, if you are currently invading the empire you kind of want to lead your army through forests because that gets you a chance at Arachnarok spiders. Nearby Volcanoes you can get lava spider units. And in some places you can see Wyvern flying about on the map so you get an increased chance for those.
    I think (but don't quote me on this) you get an inherently increased chance for Savage Orc units in the southern badlands.
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