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WD article: Masters of Alchemy

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Source: White Dwarf 235 (UK)

Notable Necrarch characters:
Melkhior had rules in the 5th edition Vampire Count armybook

In 6th edition armybook, Zacharias took over

During 5th edition in WD#237, they made a battle between High Elves and Vampire Counts lead by a Necrarch named Louis Cypher, near the Citadel of Dusk in Lustria.

The same name popped up years later in WFRP "Nights Dark Masters".

So in theory he is just a lore snippet. CA could still do a "Alberic" with him. Put him around the Vortex map if his goal would be to pester High Elves and leech off Waystones. Of course at this time with only one game#2 DLC on the horizon before game#3, it looks far stretched to hope for that happening ;)
WD#258(UK) had this guy fighting Konrad von Carstein in 6th edition.

The 6th edition VC armybook had some armylists for every bloodline to offer.

Since Necrarchs are the sorcery masters, its a bit hard to make their army "unique" if we can't raise the the limit on units the stacks. Besides making Necrarchs with the skilltree better in summoning/healing their Undead troops, while deadlier with dmg spells, the armylist try with "feral Undead Dragon" as their unique stick might work. At least it would not be a generic rise of VC dragons to bring a new Dragon doomstack race to the table. Just one faction inside that race. Since the 6th edition the VC unit count still increased and the better control over the dead & spirits could also be pushed with spirits and things like Hexwraiths/Mortis Engine. Campaign play wise for whatever Necrach LL might be a Dark Library mechanic work, which copies the latest Workshop/Cauldron/Laboratory playstyles for improved troops.


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