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Finding Coeddil...

137Danil137Danil Registered Users Posts: 5
edited February 2021 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
As a passionite Wood Elf campainer I have made it my mission to unite all of the LL. There is one problem though. Drycha... more specifically Coeddil. So in order to get all of the Lords I opted to play as Argwylon. Durthu has a Confed mission that allowed me to race to Drycha and mission Confederate her before lvl 5 where her item quest triggers.

She reached lvl 5 and the quest path starts but you are sent to raid Kings Glade instead of the normal path. This is fine. But after that raid though I do get the item there is No Coeddil in sight...

In general I repect the idea that most Wood Elves aren't able to get Coeddil, it comes across very lore friendly. However I loved the Idea that Durthu is able to reunite al WE like he did in the beginnig.

Please help us find Coeddil

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  • furtissim#2177furtissim#2177 Registered Users Posts: 427
    It's crazy CA hasn't fixed this, NOR even communicated with us on whether this is a bug or is intended. I don't think it's intended, otherwise I'd expect the text saying you'll obtain Coeddil to be removed.

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