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[Win10] Crashes on startup/ middle of the battle

Adamek321Adamek321 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited February 20 in Crashes & Performance
My Attila occurs crashes [or stuck on black screen] mainly when i want to start new campain/ continue one or randomly when i click something on the map or in the middle of the battle. I tried common troubleshooting like catche, updating drivers, delating chosen filse and replicating them by steam or reinstaling. It happens on low and high graphics, in windows 8/7 compatibillity mode or with/without mods. Others games are fine. I hope you gotta help me, becouse i spent money on your bloody product.
I hope you see it fastly,
Casually customer

Results from the above troubleshooting steps: nothing
How did you download your drivers since you have installed Windows 10? By site
(Have you left Windows 10 do the update or was it a manual installation from the graphics provider’s official website?) Its updating automaticlly
Has this issue occurred before switching to Windows 10? im playing only windows 10

Your DxDiag: attached


  • TopsMarcTopsMarc BelgiumRegistered Users Posts: 1

    I also had some crashes in the middle of a Total War Attila battle. The game just shuts down, returns to Windows, without giving any message.
    It's annoying, and I have no idea how to fix it.
    Included my latest crash-dump-file of the game. Is this the correct way to submit it to CA ?

    Kind regards, Marc
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