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Please try out my Multiplayer Mod

VikingHuscal1066VikingHuscal1066 Registered Users Posts: 167
Hey guys.

I hope this finds most of you guys who are still playing Rome 2's multiplayer well, because I just wish I had created the mod sooner.

It's this mod

It's called Ninja's Multiplayer Unit Mod.

And it's a little hard to explain just what it does.

I basically tried to balance out all the factions and units for the most part, and to make most of the factions a little more viable or give them little things they were missing. Like giving Sparta and Pergamon some proper melee infantry.

But the mod is hardly one of those giant overhaul mods that came in several parts.

I used mostly stuff that was already within the vanilla game and just changed stats and stuff like that.

Because there was quite a lot of things in the vanilla campaigns that could be made more useful to some factions.

But I think that the first screenshot on the mod's page should kind of give a good idea of what I did.

And I can tell you that the mod is multiplayer compatible because I played several battles with a few of my friends.

I just hope that a lot of you guys can try it out and have fun with it.

Because I personally had more fun playing on the mod with my friends than I had had in years of owning Rome 2.
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