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WD article: Exquisite Evil

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Source: White Dwarf#237 (UK)

Notable Lahmia characters:
5th edition had Neferata in the Vampire Count armybook.

She also had updated rules for 6th edition over the GW homepage.

Kinda well known from some novels would be Genevieve

even if she seems a rather unusal Lahmian example, who does not strife for power or works for Neferatas Cult.

Speaking of unusual, there would also be the Mordheim character (Town Cryer#22)

who as a Vampire Hunter could take up a unusual position in TWW. But, I kinda would rather stow here into the "Dogs of War" compilation then fleshing her out as a Rogue Lahmian who would be pressured into the Vampire Count ranks.

The 6th edition VC armybook had some armylists for every bloodline to offer.

The "Swains" in the army surely would be a nice idea, even if I would assume that we might rather stick to human races and not love struck dwarfs & greenskins ;) If we would have Dogs of War, we could probably include some of them their units since Lahmians might have a easier time to hire them. The "Coven throne" mount of the 8th edition armybook obviously a centerpiece for a possible Lahmian LL addition.
While the army might not be much different, the gameplay mechanic side for Neferata surely would be the highlight. Since the Sisterhood and her shadow web are the essential lore string, the "Eshin Contracts" mechanic would be a good first step from where we could advance to something more sophisticated. Egrimm van Horstmann would be another character hard at work with chaos cults which could use a similar approach. Might be interesting to see what either of them might get, depending on who might show up first and then could be the template for the next one to improve on.


The Silver Pinnacle was an enigma on the GW maps, since it changed its position always a bit. This problem for TWW has put to the rest, since the "Lahmian Sisterhood" is now added towards Mortal Empire with the Silver Pinnacle.

Interesting is also the faction symbol, because it shows Neferatas latest fashion hat.
So as speculated prior in the last years, similar to Arkhan we can expect Neferatas latest "Endtimes" miniature design, minus the terrible designed Endtimes mount ;)

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