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Possible mixed factions for warhammer 3

juanitotjuanitot Registered Users Posts: 5
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with the inclusion of cathay there is agreta chance of every lore faction having their own unique DLC.
However there are some factions that are so similar or so lack of inofrmation that is probably that they could be mixed in only one faction. I think some examples could be:

-Dogs of war: Southern realms+ half world units. In this case i see halflings being for sure a pice of the roster of this faction, but also Albion araby and amazons. (they have in their roster units and heroes of this three factions)


-Possible expansion for norsca with kurgan, hung and maybe albion LL and units.

-Eastern realms. Under this name could include the kingdoms of Ind and the Hinterlands of Kuresh. Why? Because both have very little lore and the only thing we know is about tigermen in ind and naga in Kuresh. Both of indian mithology. A faction based on this mithology could be great.


-Araby could be a unique faction, but i think that it could be a great mix with southern realms roster, because they are good in aspects that he other faction completely lacks: good infantry from southern realms, and monsters and cavalry from araby. No albion or amazons in this case.

-Pigmies and Shoutheners could be part of amazon roster if they became an indipendent faction and not part of dogs of war roster.


-Nippon: to different from eastern realms to be part of them, but maybe part of dogs of war or unique faction.


What do you think, it´s better mixed factions or unique factions for every race in warhammer world? do you like this ideas or prefer another combinations?
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