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GreenKing1GreenKing1 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 644
Trying to play Medieval total war again but im getting a lot of stutter in battles. Anyone know what could be causing this?

GTX 1660ti
R7 4800H
16Gb ram


  • Scipio-Africanus210Scipio-Africanus210 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I think that your computer is using the integrated graphics of your CPU since the demands of the game on your system is low. I fixed it by assigning the game to be rendered by the graphics card in Nvidia control pannel, you can also change it in the windows setting app too.
  • epic_159735471816BlUSwIEepic_159735471816BlUSwIE Registered Users Posts: 4
    Well belive or not but main reason (aside from switching to dedicated gpu on laptops) is UI. If You turn off radar and upper icons (with orders and formations - default key binding should be f5 and f6), You should gain great FPS boost.

    Its bugging me from the start why UI with some 2d graphic have impact on performance (even on strong desktops nearly 20 years from game release) but I have tested it on many laptops and desktops and its always works.

    Should be some quick fix from CA, but time goes, I'm nearly 40 and still waiting:(
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