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How to deal with High Elves / Dark Elves as Vampire Counts in Quick Battles?

LiemaeuLiemaeu Registered Users Posts: 6
edited February 2021 in Multiplayer
A matchup I really struggle is playing as Vampire Counts against High and Dark Elves in Quick Battles.

(Note: I will call them "the elves", of course I only mean High Elves and Dark Elves, not Wood Elves.)

The problem:
The elves can go either strong airforce + elite infantry box or infantry + archer spam (from Dark Elves you normally see more infantry or cavalry and less arches than from the High Elves).
If they go full on air (what most players do against Vampire Counts in Quick Battles) you basicly can't win the air fight as Vampire Counts. But, even if you go for full air (zombiedragon lord + 2 terror gheists, etc.) you risk running into a massive archers build. But tools against massive archers build (black knights and dogs) won't help you against a strong airforce (you don't do any damage to the elves dragons and their elite infantry).

Not working solution 1:
You go full elite infantry to deal with the elite infantry box of the elves (using graveguard, mortis engine and purple sun/pit of shades). The problem: this build is not usable against archer spam, a lot for cheaper infantry and cavalry.

Not working solution 2:
You go full airforce and try to win the airfight (should be winnable with supporting spells), but if you run into a massive archer build you are doomed.

Not working solution 3:
You go for a lot of cheaper infantry and cavalry units. This wins against massive archer builds and can grind down the elite infantry box from the airforce build. But, this takes really long, and the elves dragons can breath attack and cycle charge you to death, since you can't pressure air units away with ground units as Vampire Counts.

What are your builds against High Elves & Dark Elves playing as Vampire Counts (for Quick Battles, the build doesn't need to be tournament legal)?


  • Lotus_MoonLotus_Moon Registered Users Posts: 12,143
    Wight Kings with scarab sword are nice vs elven infantry/archers

    Blood Knights are good vs both airforce (that lands) and elven ground trooops

    Bats are very good at just tying up draagons, you can go gorudn force with 4 bats and just throw the bats at the dragon once your ground force engages, dont even need to throw all at once just 1 at a time, they not going to kill the dragon but they stop it from breathing which seems is what u are scared of and force it to land.

    I like having lahmian lord on hellsteed with magic resistance item incase of tempest or fighting dragons around allariel and pendulem, 2nd caster with gaze of nagash (necro), if they have a lord mage leading them on horse you just kill it with that.

    Than depends, i either go 2 goose or 2 blood knights, rest of army is bit random at times.
  • BovineKingBovineKing Registered Users Posts: 910
    I think dark elves are probably pretty beatable but high elves can be rough since basic archers are really strong and cheap vs vampires. That being said I’m with Lotus relying on cavalry for damage is pretty much the game plan with vampires right now blood knights will do wonders if you can force a good engagement. Aside from pendulum you can also opt for pit of shades, fate of bjuna and wind of death although significantly more expensive they can generate more damage if used right.
  • tank3487tank3487 Member Registered Users Posts: 2,440
    edited March 2021
    Liemaeu said:

    What are your builds against High Elves & Dark Elves playing as Vampire Counts (for Quick Battles, the build doesn't need to be tournament legal)?

    If there is no tournament limits or rules. You cannot beat good HE player as VC. HE can abuse VC really hard if know how to abuse Tempest/net and proper use of SEs plus using landscape to block 1 side of box.

    As for DE. Proper use of Scabscraths and Vargheists with dragon Lord. If you are not limited by tournament rules just run away with you army until you use all scabscraths/dragon breaths/summons. Take 1 necromancer on cart with rod and gaze of nagash and passive heal, 1 wight king with scabscrath. If you see air build with good micro and casts of gaze of nagash try to snipe DE Lord first(with dragon+at least couple Vargheists you should not lose it too much and you peak damage should be higher on one target with gaze). If it is mix with kite, screen you air with rest of you army. If you see box build, just scabscrath witch elves(witches are most dangerous unit in whole DE army for you), use all 7 summons to kill witch elves and range, use breaths to kill elite part of DE army. After you get rid of witch elves, cycle charge him to death targeting SEs first if opportunity for good charge arise(you can feed you infantry by 1 unit to create good opportunities to cycle). Retreat to necromancer for passive heal. If he move to you land part of army, retreat with rest of army while cycling him in the back with Vargheists and cavalry.
    DE matchup are tought, but beatable if you has better micro than opponent.

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