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Idea for Sea Combat: Boarding Battles

TomCatMe0wTomCatMe0w Registered Users Posts: 107
edited February 28 in Total War General Chat
So currently the total war method for any game seems to be when two armies meet on the ocean, they decide to land on a nearby island and duke it out there. Weird, huh?

Now I get without proper naval combat, that's the only way they can have it (as before, it was just auto-battles which could often screw you). But I thought of a solution: the two armies will fight on their respective ships as boarding battles.

The idea would be the scanerio is one ship got close enough to set out gang-planks or such to sic their units on the other. This could create a whole new battlefield, as the field would be between two, potentially different styled, ships.

In a hypothetical historical game...let's say empires...we could have a Spanish galleon and a British frigate and the two armies are fighting on both ships, as they cross over the gang-planks to conquer the other.

This gets a little more complicated in a fantasy situation, like Warhammer, but that can be alleviated by the fact the ships can be designed to be larger to hold their massive armies and such. And it would make even more fantastic contrast, as we could have say a dwarf steam ship attacking a dark elf black ark. We'd see the Slayers jumping onto the black ark to fight with the hydras and black corsairs. This would definitely give the designers some new things to work, as we could see the fantastic ships of WH in fine detail.

This idea also could apply to a theoritical 40k game, as it would explain off what happens when two armies meet in space (Instead of landing on some random planet that just happens to be floating nearby, lol).

Ideally, the best end all solution would be to have full naval combat where ships would also be shooting at each other and we'd have special units for battling on the sea in a fantasy scanerio. But as naval combat is a whole different beast to tackle, this would be the next best solution until it could be worked out at least.

Now if this was to be applied, I honestly would see it in a whole new game or very late stage dlc if it was applied to something like WH3 (Getting more important stuff out like faction and lord packs as well as faction fixes of course).


  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,980
    We've already had naval battles, Empire Total War was the first game to get naval battles. Ships could board each other and capture the ship and add it to the fleet or sell it after the battle.

    Armies worked differently back then. They would have to be attached to a fleet to be transported over the ocean and would be lost if the fleet was lost and didn't take part in the naval battles.

    We have had armies able to fight naval battles in R2 and Attila. But it wasn't good. Boarding actions were a bad idea and instead just ramming the other ships was the more effective method - can hit them a couple of times and wipe out an entire enemy unit with no loss to your own men.
  • TomCatMe0wTomCatMe0w Registered Users Posts: 107
    Well, this idea is just more for a game where there is no naval combat like how TW games have been lately. This way they don't have to create a whole different system of combat or anything else that would be needed for full on naval combat.

    Don't get me wrong; I'd love to see a good WH game that includes the iconic fleets and such of Dreadfleet/MOW. But putting them together with army combat does create some programming issues as well as balance, and lack of or shoehorned in naval units (Like how Beastmen don't really have a presence on the sea).

    And its not that you manually board the ships yourself. Instead, the scenario in the combat would be that the ships have already been connected through boarding and the two armies are just fighting across the two ships as the entire battlefield.
  • Sparkykun1Sparkykun1 Registered Users Posts: 34
    I don't have any knowledge about sea combat. I just assume that whoever has more ships with better firepower or speed wins.

    There is a space ship combat game where you decide on where you put power into, whether it's weapon, speed, or force field.

    There is also World of Warships, where you have ships with various hitpoints, and have them fight each other with differences in firepower, speed, and accuracy.

    I'm actually kind of fine with Rome: Total War's decision to have all naval battles auto-resolve. Though instead of clicking "auto-resolve" every time the game spams pop-ups, the reports of win-loss for each battle, along with the ship numbers, could just be displayed at the end-of-battle report, or together in a tab that displays to the left of screen.
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