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Custom battle and MP maps in TWWH 3 - suggestion to keep all maps from all 3 games in custom battles

dinovartdinovart Registered Users Posts: 22
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I heard that in TWWH 3, the maps for MP will be included based on multiplayer tournaments (MP players will decide which map will remain campaign-only, which - in MP). I have near-to-zero interest in multiplayer, so, I cant` suggest anything regarding it. However, I fear that because of this many amazing maps from TWWH 1, TWWH 2 and TWWH 3 campaigns will be forever locked in campaigns and unavailable in custom battles. Correct me if I`m wrong, in my knowledge custom battles and multiplayer battles use exactly the same pool of maps, with the only exception are free for all maps which are MP only. My suggestion is simple: in TWWH 3 custom battles allow to use all battle maps from TWWH1, TWWH 2, TWWH 3, including free for all, even if AI will be inadequate on some of them. For multiplayer, restrict available maps as you like, just like campaign-exclusive units are disabled and unit caps are enabled in MP, but the former are available to be used and the latter are disabled in custom battles. If naval battles ever appear in TWWH 3, the maps for this mode, based on it`s popularity, could also remain available at least in custom battles.
P.S. I have all TWWH games and DLCs that`s why I discuss all maps. In custom battles, I miss some simple maps from TWWH 1 which were excluded from TWWH 2 after first several DLCs. I hope that in TWWH 3 custom battles at least all special battle maps (all current custom battle maps available in TWWH 2) will remain, and all planned special battle maps form TWWH 3 campaigns are introduced.
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