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victory_objectives conundrum

kama980kama980 Registered Users Posts: 36
Developing a mod and need to be clear about victory objectives. Examples from current up to date warhammer 2 mortal empires campaign, no mods.

Clear: type CONTROL_N_REGIONS_FROM; total 17; followed by a list of 21 regions. Understood control any 17 out of these 21, any other regions do not count.

Not clear: for example Ungrim; type CONTROL_N_PROVINCES_INCLUDING; total 10; followed by a list of 14 provinces. This implies that it is necessary to control all the 14 provinces and therefore it is unclear what the number 10 is indicating. In most cases that I checked for this code, N was equal to the number of provinces listed, therefore it may be a programming error and N should be 14. Plain interpretation suggests that N should always be equal to or greater than the list of provinces, again indicating programming error. Or does it mean control 10 other provinces plus the 14 provinces listed, a total of 24.

Grateful for advice.

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