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The Case for Empire II



  • Lotor12Lotor12 Registered Users Posts: 388
    I really would like to play TW games in these eras, As I watched these videos :)
  • VikingHuscal1066VikingHuscal1066 Registered Users Posts: 653
    edited March 12
    Lotor12 said:

    And that's just because I'd like to see the most options for possible playable factions and all.

    This is irrelevant, every era offers many possible playable (and interesting) factions

    The point is, that 17th and 18th are 2 different 'warfare era",
    sorry I do not know proper English terms

    this is 18th century - fully gunpowder era , the soldiers are in coats, almost no melee fight

    and this 17th century, pike and shot, soldiers still wear metal armor, still lot of melee fight

    I was more so talking about playable factions that don't basically all have the same types of armies.

    Because there's a lot of factions in an Empire 2 that wouldn't just spam nothing but line infantry.

    Because there's other options that other factions could use if they expand the campaign map beyond the Mediterranean.
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