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Breaking a wall on a Skaven fortress crashes the game

steam_1645112798068tbkesCsteam_1645112798068tbkesC Registered Users Posts: 7
edited March 2021 in Crashes
Build: v1.10.2 17427.2176637 (modded)

Detailed description:
I was playing as the Skaven, Chaos attacked Hell Pit with like 4 full stack armies, their hellcannons immediatly started to destroy one of the walls. As soon as the wall was destroyed, the game froze (not the camera though) and I needed to force exit the game via cmd.

I am using mods, none of them should have any impact on battles, just the campaign map.

Reproduction Steps:
- (I don't think the size of the army matters, but I saved in the siege window before the battle anyways)
- Play the siege manually
- Wait for the hellcannons to destroy the part of the wall
- Crash

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
Don't think there really is anything I can do except let the siege run automatically (not like that's such a big loss, but in other campaigns for other people it might be the last city keeping them in the game)

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