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Let corruption spawned armies form minor factions

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Dear CA,

Corruption as it is currently implemented is a mostly useless feature. Yes ut influences public order and attrition, but otherwise it is more handicap than feature for the factions using it.
One of the major reasons for this is that rebels spawned by corruption just raze the city they are attacking (vampires, chaos) or occupy the city but remain passive afterwards (skaven).

The vampire counts are the best example for it. There two starting positions (sylvania, Kemmler) are sourrounded by hostile factions and the vampires take attrition in low corruption settlements. So they must spread corruption activly in all direction. But this tool holds little strategic relevance for the player and is even hampering, e.g. if vampire rebells raze a high level city the player tried to capture. And the distance between citys is often too small to allow attrition to have an impact, not to mention that raiding stances or besieging disabling it alltogether.
So corruption holds no benefit for the vampire counts and are just a handicap.

Other examples are the vampire coasts. One pirate coven spreads a huge corruption. But this corruption will eventually result in a vampire army razing the settlement, thus removing the pirate coven building and the vampiric corruption alltogether. Essentially a useless building.

And chaos corruption spawned rebells also raze settlements which the AI quickly resettles anyway. If the player would raze it, s/he would at least get some loot. But there is no benefit to activly spread chaos corruption as a player.

No vampiric circles and chaos cults would rather usurp leadership of a settlement instead of razing it and than vanishing. If vampire rebells would form proper minor factions with whom the player can diplomaticly interact, it would elliviate one major problem of the vampire counts, having no allies. The player could thus use vampiruc corruption to create his own allies and break up ordertide blobs to an extend.

Similarly chaos rebells could becomr minor factions as well and thus act as garrisons to inhibit rapid AI resettlements. Be it beastmen herdstones or chaos cults with a limited rooster, it could make the gameplay for these factions much less frustrating.

And skaven could use undercities and corruption to raise minor skaven clans to get allies in the enemies back.

All that would be needed for this is for corruption rebells to behave like basic rebells and form minor factions.

Please consider my rough pitch. There are probably many more things to be done with corruption if you get creative.

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