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MythrilSoulMythrilSoul Registered Users Posts: 909
The return of those who never achieved anything noteworthy in the half-edition they existed in the footnotes

Let's keep this pyre burning my noble kin, lets feed these flames with the uselessness from those who are meant to eliminate the trolls but instead let them roam free and cull those who dare speak againt their failure!

for the heroic deeds of @Kiwi123 the unrelenting! for @Giveaway412 the sucessor! for @DwarfMasterRace the honorable! and @FungusHound the brief!

Anyway, this thread is for discussing footnotes from the High Elf armybooks that didnt even had rules and who are so obscure that they need outright fanart to represent them and whose "possible" mechanics are so inexistent it needs to copy-paste skaven mechanics to come up with anything even remotely interesting.

the only 2 achievements this character have if you can even call them that is being too weak to fight sigvald head on and resorting to hit and run raids to bore her enemy off ulthuan.
and failing to save the everqueen daughter in nagashizzar, only escaping with her life thanks to the dwarfs! a pity she then procedes to die by the hands of a no-name vampire that worked for manfredd.


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