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ADMIN Please Reply

Kasumi26Kasumi26 Registered Users Posts: 48
How can i upload a pack.file on here so players inc friend can start downloading Pack file i editing ..

Need Help

as we all now no when a new patch come out the Mods is outdated an it a real pain ...But a pack File never go out of Date

I run Many pack file i have made an friend around asia made .

I want a challage in gamming An large wait Mega large army .

Qin time a small army was around 10-15,000 on this game it more like a mega tiny army

One day i will have a gamming RIG as good as a friend has an then i can run his army Pack.file an 80,000 plus in a single army be sooooo kool

Only site i could upload to is Nex .

So please ADMIn Can u help me out

yours Kasumi real name


  • Kasumi26Kasumi26 Registered Users Posts: 48

    Something new in the Works
  • Kasumi26Kasumi26 Registered Users Posts: 48
    Oh well i go for my next option then ..As our group grows .Maybe time i made a site up for just japanese players to upload the pack file onto i do own a home server .as if i can not upload on here ..it a shame

    I check back in a few days time .

    Bye the way the server is total Japanese as i fine english a pain at times
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