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194 Campaign - Yuan T.. WHO??

BarlukeBarluke Registered Users Posts: 1
Dear developpement team,

Sorry, but I'm getting mad about 194 campaign with Cao Cao (at most) in legendary difficulty.
Yuan Shao and Yuan Tan don't attack Zang Hong town and (try to) run away to the north on turn 2 instead of taking the town. This weird move gives to Kong Rong freedom to expand and to obliterate Yuan Tan, instead of getting huge pressure from Yuan clan. With that issue, it's now impossible for Yuan Tan to annex Kong Rong.
Is there a way to fix that annoying issue by something like nerfing Zang Hong or anything else to make in sort that Yuan Tan and Yuan Shao dominate and annex Kong Rong?

Thank you if you will read this
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