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Add ping limit to Multiplayer lobby host settings

BRiiTASH2BRiiTASH2 Registered Users Posts: 501
edited March 28 in Multiplayer
Im sick of having Chinese players playing on level 1 hacked steam accounts joining my multiplayer lobbies, either crashing it in the army builder screen, having them lag out after making everyone else wait the full 300 seconds of "waiting on players" during the pre battle syncronisation, or having the battle become a slideshow from the lag of having these chiense players try and play with EU players with 300 ping.
Add a ping limiter to restrict players from joining and lagging out lobbies. Right now the multiplayer experience is abysmall and worse than the experience of decade old games.
CA has done the bare minimum just to allow people to connect to lobbys but thats it.
We demand better CA.
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  • IamNotArobotIamNotArobot Registered Users Posts: 2,999
    They need to remake the whole multiplayer system, currently its like from 2005.
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