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Bad performance on High end PC - All Total War games

MaciejSkyMaciejSky Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello my dear Total War friends 😃

I wonder whats wrong in my PC or Total War engine that when the units collide I have massive fps drops 🥺. I play Warhammers mostly, but the problem also take place in Attila, Rome 2, Napoleon... Every Total war game except Troy.
My settings are on Ultra 1440p. When 20 vs 20 battle starts everything is ok. When units walk/run into each other still stable 60 fps. When they collide still 60 fps, but after few seconds... Boom! Depends of current camera angle the fps can drop even to 40 😒🤨
Funny thing is, that even changing settings to the LOWEST POSSIBLE resolution doesn’t fix the problem, so its CPU issue I guess?? 🤔
Drops were samller, but still massive when I turned off Shadows.

I7 8700k
Rtx 2080
16 GB RAM 3200mhz

Only Troy is free from this issue. Can You tell me why it happens? 😃
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