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How do I make custom characters generate randomly across the map

lc15lc15 Registered Users Posts: 2

I've been following this guide - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1798650568 - to make custom characters to add into the game. The guide's method is aimed at having the new characters join your specific faction whereas I have been trying to add them in so they generate randomly across the map and are therefore available for all factions randomly.

I can't work out what I'm missing but on each of my attempts to make the custom characters generate none have appeared.

I have edited the following tables as instructed in the guide but must admit I am basically learning as I go so do not know which ones are key to making custom chars generate and which are not. I also do not know if I am missing any tables that need to be edited.

campaign character art sets
campaign character arts
ceo effects list to effects
ceo effects list
ceo effects
ceo group ceos
ceo initial data active ceos
ceo initial data stages
ceo initial data to stages
ceo initial datas
ceo nodes
ceo template manager ceo limits
ceo threshold nodes
ceo thresholds
character attributes
character generation spawn ages
character generation template game mode details
character generation templates

I have then exported the changes from assembly kit and used BOB to create a pack file.

Does anyone have any idea of what might be missing or what I need to change to generate newly created characters randomly within the game, or alternatively to generate them to specific factions if that is simpler.

I have not touched startpos or rpfm so if these are needed to make this work please could someone let me know what I need to do with them.

Thanks for any help!


  • shattishatti Registered Users Posts: 753
    edited March 2021
    Ur list doesn’t have incidents tables
    If u follow this guide “exactly”
    U will need only 8 or 9 tables to create them

    Just follow this guide, the only difference is that there is only 1 names table to edit now

    If i want them to join a specific faction, just look up a vanilla incident like zhao yun
    And copy the method of how he’s been targeted to join lui bei
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  • shattishatti Registered Users Posts: 753
    edited March 2021

    U need only these to generate a character. (I don’t use custom names btw)
    The Ceos stuff are for traits and weapons stuff
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  • lc15lc15 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hey, thanks for your reply. I guess I misunderstood the use of incidents as I was trying to work out how to generate the characters randomly if that was possible.

    With the guide the chars would generate in your specific faction but ideally I would like for these custom chars to pop up as candidates across the map for any faction to be able to employ, is there a way I do this via incidents? Even something like the incident generating them into the court of a random faction would work. In terms of the below table (this is what the guide uses) what would I need to change to achieve this?

    If having them appear randomly is not really doable then I'll try your suggestion of copying a template such as zhao yun's for specific factions.

    Thanks again for your help!

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