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Empire Total War Remasterd

Lord_HenkusLord_Henkus Registered Users Posts: 1,699
When is it coming? It needs to be published!!!!!
How negative I may sound, game is stil 11 out of 10

Also, please slow down combat!


  • VladUkraineVladUkraine Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited April 4
    Sorry for bad english... Empire will be biggest surprise! I have something to say. There was little problem... Factions attacking with no reason. Or situation, when you got 5 agreements and high relations... And then - BANG, war! Horrible! Some mini bikini country can attack alliance of Russia-Prussia-Turkey. Rome2 political system will be great! And then Empire 2 TW will be cool and not annoying.
  • Lord_HenkusLord_Henkus Registered Users Posts: 1,699
    maybe they will look into AI too when they remaster it because of AI problems. Let's hope and dream!
    How negative I may sound, game is stil 11 out of 10

    Also, please slow down combat!

  • ComradeRoryComradeRory Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 7
    I was talking about this to a mate the other day and I was saying that I would happily pay full price for an Empire remaster that had all the bugs fixed and had sorted out a lot of the performance issues (like long turn times) and had mod support from day one.
    And if you were to then merge Napoleon into that (which I'm sure they said would happen when NTW was first announced) by including a lot of the graphical and quality of life improvements from Napoleon and then maybe have some sort of system for uniforms switching to their Napoleonic styles (I guess like the reforms in Rome 2) AND include the uniform editor that was originally promised for both Empire and Napoleon... well I would happily pay for that! HAPPILY!

    Or just do Empire 2. Like a game that covers 1600-1880.
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