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  • Ben1990#8909Ben1990#8909 Registered Users Posts: 3,044

    JungleElf said:

    Ben1990 said:

    Theacut said:

    What do you think the odds are that if/when Thanquol is added to the game, he will be a Lord that any Skaven faction can recruit. Like how the people he despises the most, Gotrek and Felix are a Lord and Hero duo that any of the human factions have a chance to recruit?

    Game 3 LL DLC/FLC. If the former then he comes with Stormfiends (because due to his newest Boneripper), some Grey Seer-centered units and Verminlords (three flavors of them, but hoping for also a Moulder and Skryre flavored ones apart of the Warlord, Eshin and Grey Seer ones).
    Those vermin lord flavours are actually named characters. I don't think we'll get those. The exalted vermin lord is probably the 'standard' version.
    From what I know, no, the Verminlords are divided in what they specialize and what type of clan they represent:

    Verminlord Warpseers- Grey Seers
    Verminlord Warbringers- clans like Mors
    Verminlord Corruptors- Eestilens clans
    Verminlord Deceivers- Eshin clans

    Exalted Verminlords- the big bosses, similar to Greater Deamons and without a clear specialization.

    This are generic clasiffications, there are several Verminlords from each type, Warbringers being noted as the most numerous, then there are named Verminlords, similar to how there are named Deamon Princes and Greater Deamons, Verminking being the most well know.

    This is the list of know named Verminlords:

    Skreech Verminking - Lord of all Verminlords.
    Lurklox - Master of Deception and Verminlord of Clan Eshin.
    Vermalanx the Poxlord - Verminlord of Clan Pestilen.
    Skweevritch - Verminlord of Clan Skyre.
    Basqueak - Verminlord of the Warlord Clans.
    Skrolvex - Verminlord of Clan Pestilen.
    Soothgnawer - Verminlord of Clan Scruten.
    Kreeskuttle - Verminlord of the Warlord Clans and mightiest in arms.
    Throxstraggle - Verminlord of Clan Pestilen.
    Verstirix - Verminlord of the Warlord Clans.
    Vecteek - A former Grey Lord and Warlord of Clan Rictus.
    And absolutely no Moulder one. That's insulting. I can imagine a Moulder Verminlord as some horrible mutant demon rat that would also be a Skaven counterpart to the Great Unclean One in the toughness department and with skills focused on monsters and such.
  • steam_164510928748qF8o2besteam_164510928748qF8o2be Registered Users Posts: 1,766
    i hope they add him, i want him couse he is a full on ruin grey seer and the most powerful in magic in the under empire.

    like he should be like a generic ruin grey seer but all the magic skills on steroids.

  • Nyxilis#3646Nyxilis#3646 Registered Users Posts: 7,729
    I can't imagine any world where they would do him as just a LH. He's to popular and ultimately a prime proper LL candidate.
  • Seswatha#7633Seswatha#7633 Registered Users Posts: 4,828
    Even people who don't care much for Skaven seem to like Thanquol.

    He would make a killer final LP with the last of the cool stuff Skaven have - Stormfiends, and Veminlords.

    Him being like G&F would be really lame. I could see him being recruitable by other Skaven factions in a similar way some of the game 1 lords are - unlocked through satisfying some condition.

    But he should be absolutely playable as a LL you can pick from the start.

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