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Controlling religious dissatisfaction as the Garamantes

Admiral_HauserAdmiral_Hauser Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and to Atilla. Its quite technical and very different to Rome 1 and Empire. But I'm loving it.

I went a bit random and decided to start off as the Garamantes, they're very interesting! But religious satisfaction is the bane of their existence.

Does anyone have an tips/guidance to share? Also, I'm yet ti try any mods for Attilla, any ideas on good ones for the Garamantes?

Thanks :)


  • dannydandydannydandy Registered Users Posts: 12
    Convert to Latin Christianity, you can do so when it reaches 35% in your empire. Since you will be fighting West Roman Empire mostly in the beginning, most lands you conquer will be Latin Christianity, converting will help a lot.
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