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Most/Least Useful Buildings (Including Unique Ones)

Spaniard777Spaniard777 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 5
What are your opinions on which buildings are most/least useful? Which are most important to have in a main city vs smaller settlements?

In any of my cities, I generally prioritize the growth and public order buildings, followed the main barracks building or temple depending on which province it is. I also tend to wait for some of the more specialized buildings like the food and lumber warehouse.

Does anyone use the watchtower in all their provinces? Is the 300+ experience every turn an exploit? Can multiple watchtowers stack their bonuses?

Does anyone use crier's square? I've never found myself using that building.

For my smaller settlements I generally avoid the buildings that negatively impact influence and growth.

I'm curious to see what others use/prioritize in their provinces!


  • Eruner_SKEruner_SK Registered Users Posts: 19
    Stone Building that reduced build time by 1
    Food building that gives growth
    Wood income buildings, so you can build/boom
    Level up settlement primary building to lv 3
    Food buildings so you can support full army in future
    Lv 3 recruitment building that gives the best faction unit (rush this asap)
    And lv 3 missile building so you can spam good slings (or lycia hunters)
    Bronze buildings so you can sustain good bronze-hungry units that you will use as backdoor siege commando

    that pretty much covers your staring province.
    Priorities for conquered provinces are:

    Bronze upkeep buildings (if needed)
    Food buildings so you can have 2 full strong armies

    At the time when you can upgrade starting province main building to level 4, build order and priorities are up to you. At that point you already made big progress on the map.

    Not sure what you mean by public order, but about Influence there are two efficient paths:
    a) you have high influence (e.g. starting province), then it does not hurt to have negative influence building.
    b) you don't have high influence, it is not worth to have Envoy + influence building to make it barely above 60%. That being said, it is the best to utilize negative-influence building

    Oh yes, in early turns, do not tax your province to improve happiness. It is way cheaper than building a happiness building (+upgrades). Anyway, you don't have production buildings built early, so it does not hurt much.
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