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New to Total War; where to begin??

VitalogistVitalogist Registered Users Posts: 3
As my title suggests, I’ve never purchased a total war game. I’m a 10,000+ hour veteran of the age of empires series, rise of nations, empire earth, and Genghis Khan series; no joke. (Played AOE2 last night). I am finally looking to jump into what I know is going to be another huge time investment.

I need your help to know which game to start with, and maybe which three or four games I should focus on. I don’t have any desire to start from the first one and play through all of them. I’m a big fan of medieval type settings, whether they’re historical or fantasy. I like the feeling of conquering a giant land map/world map, really feeling like I’m embodying a character and civilization, and feeling like I have total control of my individual units and their operation on the battlefield.

I downloaded and tried demos for medieval 2, empire, and shogun 2, on my brand new Alienware laptop, and they all seemed to have issues with responsiveness, buggy units or other feature bugs. (“Why TF does that artillery unit refuse to move, no matter WTF I do!!!”)
Does that go away when you own the full game? Obviously, I don’t need the latest in mind blowing graphics (see: AOE2 comment) but I do feel like I need smooth controls and a matured interface/accessibility.

Looking forward to your input and I’m excited to start playing!
- Best


  • Lotor12Lotor12 Registered Users Posts: 609
    Hello @Vitalogist

    The best starting point is Shogun II or Rome II from classic Total war games

    or Warhammer with fantasy setting, but it is focused on heroes a lot, Your heroes are your main battle units
    Three Kingdoms, Thrones of Britannia and Attila have more complex & complicated inner faction management, bad choice for beginners

    I would avoid Empire, Napoleon, Medieval II unless You are interesting in time period
    full game of shogun 2 works 100% fine
    Medieval 2 is crashing
    (steam version)
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