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3 Reasons To Buy Medieval 2 Definitive Edition

FuzzyNovaFuzzyNova Registered Users Posts: 7
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I'll try to make this simple.
Medieval 2 Def edition was my first total war purchase. I'm late to the game. Bought it 6 months ago. Decided to buy it first due to the classic reviews and How well it had seemed to age.
One thing to note. I'm a sucker for custom or multiplayer battles.

Medieval 2 has so much variety in each faction that its amazing. Seriously. The aged graphics make the game more enjoyable actually. Its simple yet beautiful during battles. But if that's not enough here are some reasons to get it.

1. Third Age/Divide and Conquer Mod
Want a Lord of the rings complete Total war experience with brand new units and factions from the lore not to mention divide and conquers polished State with nice blooms and glimmers of the suns rays off of shiny armor. You can't play any of those If you don't have medieval 2 definitive edition. And The LOTR Mods are free

2. The elder scrolls TW Mod
Another free conversion mod. Putting you in the elder scrolls universe. All I need to say. You need medieval 2 def edition to download this.

3. (a under rated mod putting you in the first English civil war and the only mod to do so) For King or Country. A smaller Conversion Mod. But great for those who love The Gunpowder battles and Not only that but each unit Is named and based after real Units named under the commanders that they fought with.

I could go on but the LOTR mods and Elder Scrolls Mod are too amazing not to list. Seriously if you don't know about them and love medieval II then download them asap
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  • SaintCornSaintCorn Registered Users Posts: 1,920
    This seems like the wrong section for this.
  • BiesBies Junior Member SwedenRegistered Users Posts: 4,080
    or go just for that

    "I shivered at the sight of her - her beauty far beyond that of mortal man. But her soul glowed with an inner darkness that chilled my very core."

  • GettoGeckoGettoGecko Registered Users Posts: 1,406
    So basically no reason beside modding it into TWW, gotcha.
  • KuntingWarriorKuntingWarrior Registered Users Posts: 3,390
    Where do I find the Third Age mod?
  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 13,581
    It's also just a fantastic base game. One of the all time greatest in the series, if not the greatest.

    Although Shogun 2 is what I recommend as a starting point for everyone due to modernity and high quality. If M2 is #1, Shogun 2 is #2. They may even be possibly tied. There are some M1 features that I sorely miss, though.

    TWWH deserves special mention: I consider it a separate TW category (TW: Fantasy). 3K Romance Mode and Troy are in it though - and both are very, very distant to TWWH2.
  • FritzvomWaldFritzvomWald Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 79
    edited April 10
    Here is the direct link in that forum to the repack of mine: https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?805657-Full-install-for-TATW-version-3-2-automated-Steam-compatible

    My take why M2TW is the greatest Total War game: it's the last in the series that is truly 'fully' moddable. But then I am a totally biased and dedicated modder
    See here.
  • FuzzyNovaFuzzyNova Registered Users Posts: 7
    edited May 14
    If you really have to even put a negative comment after I try to tell more people about medieval II and Two fun conversion mods that (you don't have to ever download if your you then why bother. If you haven't even tried either divide and conquer or Elder scrolls and you own medieval II then your comment is now just not even Valid. Unless your just a medieval II only vanilla hard core destroy all modders type of person which I thought was just a myth. If you are don't read further your gonna get All riled up and might be Able to mutter "well...oh yeah? I don't care" before you skippi diddly Doo off down to your Next Comment that's also has no real back bone other than "this guy is a ____" I will say that Im not a super huge LOTR fan or Elder scrolls. I loved Skyrim like most. But no. You don't need to be a fan of either to enjoy setting up battles between orcs goblins and Humans elves. Don't need to be a fan to do what I'm doing right now .The Kingdom of Skyrim get ready to take on The legion of the undead. Yeah man. I just put together the army of freaking darkness with zombies literally. Skeleton warriors and archers. Draugr warriors and archers. Vampire pikeman and Infantry. Heavy plated blood vampires. Necromancers and dark liche mages. And that's not even my team. Taking my Nord army out into the white cold past solitudes gate. If u don't know how I'll show u quick . Some people post randomly unhelpful replies just like yours with no real solid base on what your even talking about every second all over the internet. But before you say "yeah well I don't care" if you have had bad trouble with downloading mods in the past and just hate the idea of unzipping the file and putting it somewhere specific I can show you how easy they were. Trust me I was the king of failed mod downloads or jacking them up and having tons of old mods I just gave up on. Actually before I downloaded those two succesfully I hadn't downloaded a mod that was not on steam in years. But if your not a fan of medieval II or Games like it then your In the wrong place my man. Commander Keen is down the hall. Have a great day and remember If you don't have Anything useful to say. Get off the negative train. Sarcasm in that way just makes me cringe. I haven't owned anyone ever before In a comment section so it feels right. But hey you might even try the mods and omg like em. I will never hear from you again nor look bAck on this paige or any for that matter. Yeah I'm dropping the mic and it's about to exploood...........

    I had to edit the end realizing the comment is now gone. If this is confusing someone that I may have mis quoted Then disregard if I didn't then "woohoo* don't see it anymore

  • FuzzyNovaFuzzyNova Registered Users Posts: 7

    So basically no reason beside modding it into TWW, gotcha.

    I did misquote you. And for your reply. You said warband? Yeah the lotr mod looks sick for that. But they don't have a full elder scrolls mod I don't think. And the Divide and conquer third age mod is so good (it keeps the medieval II charm of simplicity, but the modders did some hardcore texture re design. Like down to the single faces of a single soldier. And with the bloom and glints and reflections added into it it looks amazing on ultra. And u don't need a monster to run it ya know. I still highly highly recommend it if you just have tried TW WB. It's a whole different era too I believe. Hard to convince someone I know I just know I was like meh. And now it's the only one I have played for a month straight. Lol elder scrolls textures are a bit rusty not as nice but elder scrolls did intend of giving the units a dirty look. As war is dirty and muddy. Can't tell if it was just a lazy re texture or if it was meant to look that way. Idk either way. Hope you think about it.
    I need to get the lotr mod your talking about tho now. Ugh

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