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Epic Set To Lose at Least $330 Million in Efforts To Compete With Steam

KelefaneKelefane Registered Users Posts: 3,059
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A short, rather interesting read.

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  • Surge_2Surge_2 Registered Users Posts: 5,716
    Oh wow, slashdot. I havent gone there in years and years...

  • NyxilisNyxilis Registered Users Posts: 4,973
    If they'd just spent a few hundred of that million so they stopped having tri monthly data breeches, and all around better service they might have seen something.

    Instead they've gone with a bludgeoning stick.
  • WyvaxWyvax Registered Users Posts: 4,623
    If this incentivizes them to quit playing dirty, buying up exclusives, and instead focus on bettering their platform rather than trying to forcibly grow themselves hyperfast, then that'll be a net positive for PC gamers everywhere, including Epic users.
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  • Vanilla_GorillaVanilla_Gorilla Registered Users Posts: 26,818
    I just want someone -anyone- to kill Steams monopoly. Don't care who, just get Steam's cut reduced so more money goes to developers and into game development.
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  • TheMadTypistTheMadTypist Registered Users Posts: 306
    Not a fan of Epic, but they've just been trying to get installed on people's machines, get their foot in the door, with all the free stuff and **** exclusive deals, whatever Apple claims about their losses.

    I'm sure from their perspective, that 'Fantastic investment', they've bought exactly what they wanted. I'll never touch their 'exclusives', even when they do come to other platforms, but the number of people with enough skin in the game to hold an opinion of epic, let alone a grudge, is vanishingly small. Most people just want to play and aren't fussed about installing one more program to do it.

    I admit, I'm probably just old and bitter. They were tangentially involved with tainting one of my favorite IP's to the point that a series I used to (literally) play on my parent's knees disgusted me so much I wanted nothing to do with anyone or anything involved in the modern iteration- there was a modern sequel announced, it was coming to all the digital platforms, all the logos were on the trailer, and then: Epic offered extra money for exclusivity. The developers admitted that the game was already fully funded, but they wanted more money anyway so they took it. Their message relating this was very much in the vein of "lol you sheep will buy anything we throw at you so why should we give you the choice?" I already had a shaky opinion of those devs before that, but that choked out any franchise love I was still holding on to, and painted Epic with the same brush.

    I'm guessing it was never a long term plan- they were never planning on going to 2027 like this, they've got their footprint and now they'll focus on a smaller, more consistent growth pattern- though I bet they'll keep doing the exclusives as long as they can get away with them, even when they do stop giving titles away free.
  • aMint1aMint1 Registered Users Posts: 836
    I find people complaining about Epic exclusives weird. Total War has been locked to Steam for over a decade. Now that Epic has come along, for the first time since way back in the 2000s, there will actually be a choice for where people get their next TW game.

    Completely agree that they should put a lot more effort in to improving their platform though.
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,777

    I just want someone -anyone- to kill Steams monopoly. Don't care who, just get Steam's cut reduced so more money goes to developers and into game development.

    Wont happen. It will as always, go in to the pockets of the owners and investors. As we've seen with game companies having their own platform. We haven't seen the games on them showing great gameplay improvements.
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