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Worth getting the wood elves dlc AFTER i purchased the sisters dlc?

NicowonderNicowonder Registered Users Posts: 9
edited April 2021 in General Discussion
Hi guys,
As the title says, i'm wondering if i should buy the wood elves dlc before i start a sisters campaign. What are the pros and cons?
Thanks in advance :D
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  • Witch_King#3646Witch_King#3646 Registered Users Posts: 142
    edited April 2021
    Hi! The only con is that you won't be able to confederate Durthu or Orion as they are DLC lords (you can't confederate DLC lords if you don't have the DLC).

    That's the only downside, there are no units unlocked by owning the race pack so you have access to the full roster.

    I hope you'll enjoy the Sisters campaign, i really did!
  • NicowonderNicowonder Registered Users Posts: 9
    Thanks for the replay, so i wont buy the dlc then but i must tell you that the sister CAN confederate both Durthu and Orion through missions (not diplomacy), but i was worried abut Drycha, but as you said, if i'm not even missing on units or any special mechanics, then i guess is a waste of money if i got both dlc :D
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