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New Forum Rules

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1 — Language

All messages sent on this forum should be in English as that is the common language of the staff. Keep language safe-for-work (SFW) as some members may be younger. This also applies to images, gifs, and any other forms of communication.

2 — Respect Everyone At All Times

No harassment of others in any form. Racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, etc. are never tolerated. Do not attempt to by-pass profanity filters or any moderation guidelines. Be mindful of others by remaining civil, kind, keeping a discussion on-topic, and not derailing. While we are all passionate about games and welcome constructive discussion, keep it positive and avoid endlessly criticising. Abusing the "disagree" button is not tolerated.

3 — Use The Correct Category

We have dedicated categories for each of the Total War titles, keep posts relevant to the respective spaces. Off-topic discussions will be closed if they are not related to Total War games.

4 — Avoid Heavy Topics/Potential Leaks

No real-life heavy topic discussions. Conversations involving government officials, political parties, religions, or geo-political disagreements are not allowed. Even if these topics were approached in a civil manner, this is not the appropriate space for them. This also applies to potential leaks, for obvious reasons. Removal of images/discussion is not confirmation.

5 — Account Guidelines

You may only have one account, and your forum name must be legible, easily mentionable, and safe-for-work (SFW). This means that names should not contain digits only, characters that cannot be easily typed on the US-Intl layout, excessive use of symbols, etc. Do not impersonate any other user that is not you. This includes moderators, famous personalities, CA staff, content creators, other players, and so on.

6 — No NSFW/Illegal Content Or Activities

No links or discussion of not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content or illegal activities. This includes emotes, avatars, usernames, memes, images, mods, piracy, drug use, lewds, pornography etc. Ensure when providing links that they are immediately identifiable - no URL shortening (bitly etc.)

7 – No Advertising Or Selling

No advertising, promoting, or selling. This includes self-promotion, commercial advertising, affiliate/referral links (including for Total War games/services). You may share links to specific community creations in the relevant community creation categories.

8 – The moderators’ decisions are final

All actions taken by the moderators are final and will not be reversed. Arguing with or questioning those decisions publicly is not allowed and will result in warnings being given.
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