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things id like to see worked on in Total War Warhammer 3

epic_159754114358KcCbphiepic_159754114358KcCbphi Registered Users Posts: 30
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here is a list i'd like to see in the next installment of totalwar warhammer 3, please note that these are general suggestions and i have not gone into too much detail and specifics

1.) Better charging mechanics against infantry

its always bothered my that infantry gets tossed around 20 feet across the air by even light cavalry, infantry should definetly get knocked down, but not tossed across the map

2.) Charge mechanics.

i really disliked how cavalry units could pull off a charge on a whim despite being a few feet away from the enemy, so i propose that units need to be running a certain amount of distance towards their target before they are able to fully sprint charge them

3.) Turning mechanics

bigger or faster units should have slower turning rate.

a.) Cavalry when running should somewhat slow down during a run before going attempting a turn/ u-turn

b.) cavalry or monsters would have increased time to turn, depending on size/weight or the speed they're moving at

c.) If the Cavalry/Monster is in the middle of a charge it should commit and not break it

4.) Ranged accuracy

i'm not exactly sure how accuracy works in this game so please bare with me, however i do want to see a system where accuracy is lower while the target is farther and accuracy should get better as the target is closer

edit- apparently the community members have made it clear that this is how accuracy works to begin with, also added 5th suggestion

5.) remove bonus vs infantry

seems that infantry seems to be in a pretty bad spot as it and i believe removing that specific bonus should be a good step for infantry overall

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