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Way too many Archer units for the Empire! Need to relocate their recruitment building

Lucky_JimLucky_Jim Registered Users Posts: 14
In my playthoughs, every time an elector faction got resurrected, it usually couldn't expand to more than 2 regions and the military buildings are usually absent in their controlled areas. As a result, their new armies will always have more than 5 Archers + 12 or more Spearmen with nothing else. It's not a pleasent sight to see.

I believe the recuitment for Empire's Archer need to be relocated to exclusively low tier Wood/Fur/Egg resources chain to better reflect the military culture from different regions of the Empire, so that the regular Old World elector count factions can still have mostly pistol/crossbow-equipped basic militia composed into their armies.

If you worried that the Old World Empire don't have enough range power early on, you can make Free Company Militia to be also recruitable in Tap Room and Farm whiches are the buildings that most the time the AI will build in their Minor Settlements(the recruiters went to the tarven and convience the regulars to join the army or went to the field to forcely enlisting the rural population). And I think making Pistoliers to be recruitable in Pasture resource chain will also be an lore-friendly change(some young nobles preparing their horses directly from the pasture land and directly join the Emperor's army).
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