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Better Elector Counts Reinforcement Mechanic

Lucky_JimLucky_Jim Registered Users Posts: 14
An elector faction got attacked by some magicly appeared enemy and you can reinforce them with a magicly appeared shaddy reinforcement, this is boring and immersion breaking.

I suggest a rework for it:

1. Remove the current elector count reinforcement mechanic;
2. Add a new button, called "Assign the Reiksguard", right above the "Revoke Title" button in the panel of Elector Counts where you can appoint your general to be the elector;
3. This new button shall allow the player to "move" the force of Reiksguard reinforcement to an elector count province and aid the local elector count army in battle;
4. Add a new character slot exclusively in Reikland page of the same panel for appointing the Reikmarshal from the general pool, and this Reikmarshal will be leading the reinforcement to fight the non elector count enemy attacker which the player were also at war with;
5. Add a new button exclusively in Reikland page of the same panel, called "Strengthen the Reiksguard". The basic strength of Reiksguard shall contain 1 unit of Reiksguard Knight and a few state troop units. By spending Prestige, you get better Reiksguard reinforcement force(more Reiksguard Knight and a few good state troop units);
6. The higher tier of the Reiksguard reinforcement is, the higher prestige-based upkeep per turn will be, while at its lowest tier, cost no prestige upkeep;
7. If you can't maintain the Reiksguard reinforcement army, it shall lose its tier until it ended up to the initial tier 1;
8. If such reinforcement force was lost in battle entirely, its tier shall be reset to tier 0 and shall require prestige to be established again;
8. The Reiksguard reinforcement should only able to be "moved" once per turn, and should only able to be moved to an adjacent elector count province from its previous position;
9. If the Reikmarshal died in battle, a new marshal need to be appointed


  • MikkelJensenMikkelJensen Registered Users Posts: 4
    Could be quite cool.

    I will agree, that the part of the empire elector system, that is both best and most disappointing part of the system. They are not only rarely fights you actually have to fight (so easy, that auto-resolve takes care of it), but it does not really feel like you can choose much about how much you want to support them.

    With the coming of Warhammer 3 and the chaos gods that follows, it would be ideal to update the empire with a tool to keep the chaos forces back, while yet not having to have an army far away from home. While it might be too large of an update to add an actual Reikguards button, it would be cool to be able to designate a limited army, that is not used in world map, but only for fighting in battles, that your empire allies fight against chaos.

    Sending out the Reiksguard could be a really good experience - Where you can feel like the Rohirrim coming to the aid of Gonder in their hour of need.
    aybe just make it so that you can build up a force of knight(only knights, since they have to move at speed) in a sup-tab of Karl Franz(like the horde mechanic of the Orcs), that is technically always been sent to where they are needed, either in the event battles or in battles which involves the capital of your elector count allies.
  • Lucky_JimLucky_Jim Registered Users Posts: 14

    Maybe just make it so that you can build up a force of knight(only knights, since they have to move at speed) in a sup-tab of Karl Franz(like the horde mechanic of the Orcs)

    Good point!

    Now I can see a new approche, something similar to ToB's Estate mechanic and its UI, but in this case name it "Reiksguard Reinforcement(RR)".
    1. Spend Prestige in EC management panel to establish a Reiksguard force of 2 Reiksguard Knight(RK) with a general appointed. Further spend Prestige shall allow expand the size of RR, 2 extra units per upgrade;
    2. If established, can assign it as an orkish style sub-tab army attached to the lord who has the seat to that EC and has Fealty value greater than 0. Also, this lord need to be inside of the default Empire territory upon assignment to avoid exploit of this mechanic;
    3. RR may an amount of gold upon the initial assignment to simulate the logistic cost, such cost shall depend on the distance between the position of target EC lord and Altdorf city. The longer the distance, the more costy it shall be, with the exceptance if the target EC lord is currently at Reikland or at a province with a Reiksfort built;
    4. While the logistic cost was covered by the main Empire faction, the actual maintainance of this army shall kick in if RR was assigned to a player owned EC lord(if it was assigned for an individual EC faction, the one who get help shall take supply the Emperor's elite force);
    5. The RR shall merge its units after every battle it participated;
    6. If RR was assigned to an individual EC faction other than the main Empire faction, it will need a goal similar to ork's Wraagh! goal, but in this case, the goal can be a hostile faction that both the target EC faction and the main Empire faction are at war with. Either one made peace with the enemy or the enemy faction got destroyed will end up with the RR "return" to Altdorf;
    7. Every battle won with RR participated shall earn Prestige for the main Empire faction.

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