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Game starts but doesn't maximize or show up in full window.

TheMachineGod01TheMachineGod01 Registered Users Posts: 2
I started having a problem where the game would start and show up in the taskbar, and appear to be running, but wouldn't show up in a window. ALT-TAB would show it was running, but a window running the game would never appear. Looking at other comments, from years ago, they were saying to go to the game install folder and delete the script. That file is located in C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer\Scripts (you need to tell your pc to show hidden files and folders to find it). Just wanted to say, I did this, and it fixed the problem I was having. Just in case others were having this problem recently.


  • KlausTheKat#4888KlausTheKat#4888 Registered Users Posts: 596
    Good of you to let the public know of the issue and the fix. Cheers.

    Only thing I have to add is to always always always try to Verify Integrity of Games Files in Steam if you encounter any problems. Wont always fix your issue but it fixes a surprising amount nonetheless.
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