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What race/faction you are according to the warhammer world similarity with our own world?



  • TimpeyoTimpeyo Registered Users Posts: 1,823
    edited April 22
    What would the UK be? I live in the south so I guess brettonia

  • Man2008kindMan2008kind Bucharest, RomaniaRegistered Users Posts: 1,637
    Timpeyo said:

    What would the UK be?

  • TimpeyoTimpeyo Registered Users Posts: 1,823

    Timpeyo said:

    What would the UK be?

    Aww cool I can live with that love Nakai

  • ArneSoArneSo Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 22,813
    Timpeyo said:

    What would the UK be? I live in the south so I guess brettonia

    Albion or Ulthuan.
    Nurgle is love, Nurgle is life
  • LennoxPoodleLennoxPoodle Registered Users Posts: 801

    Timpeyo said:

    What would the UK be?

    I think an argument for Albion, Greenskins and Dwarfs could be made...

    Granted it gets less and less geographical but might be a good representation for Briton, Anglo-Saxon and Gaelic heritage.
  • 445Aas445Aas Registered Users Posts: 175
    Steel, Faith and Gunpowder!

    Sadly the Empire isn't my favorite race, maybe there is a Skaven undercity around here?

    A shame they don't exist around these parts, only some strange beastmen.
  • cenkisscenkiss Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 216
    I am from anatolia so badlands i guess. All orcland.
  • AkirooxAkiroox Registered Users Posts: 29
    Eastern Sylvania for me. Fair enough
  • JastalllJastalll Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,289
    The map of northern Naggarond doesn't mesh with North America, but about in the realm of Karond Kar, or maybe Har Ganeth would be my best guess.

    I kinda would rather be Norscan. At least there are fewer chances to get teamkilled.
  • AbmongAbmong Registered Users Posts: 2,732

    Abmong said:

    mdgh1991 said:

    No middle east in the warhammer world,

    Araby? Badlands? Land of the Dead? Darklands too possibly counts.

    Dude did you just say that marocco and algeria are in the middle-east?
    It's pretty strongly alluded that Araby approximates the Arab world and immitates the Aesthetics, if not exacting in terms of location. Araby is Marocco, Algeria, Libya and Arabia all rolled into one. The Arabian Desert and the Sahara got melded into the Great of Desert Araby aka Sahra Desert. Nehekhara and the Land of the Dead is basically Egypt.

    The Bad Lands is the closest in geographical location to Turkey, Syria and Israel. The Orcs based on Turkic Nomads.
    Mourkain possibly alludes to Jerusalem.

    Darklands is analog to Iraq & Iran, the Persian lands, Chaos Dwarfs with their Mesopotamian aesthetics.
    Something tells me this comment will get a Disagree
  • IrongutIrongut Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 74
    Western Solland in the Empire.
  • ReeksReeks Registered Users Posts: 6,242
    edited April 23

    Reeks said:

    I am from the sea.....as my tiny country is not showcased in the wh world.

    My ancestors were vikings tho so i'l go with norscan raider.

    Hint: we once took thw feeble island of Albion for our own.



    Denmark, but the island called "Sjælland"(that's not depicted in the Warhammer world, i know....it's a travesty)

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    "Yum Yum"
  • sasori1548sasori1548 Registered Users Posts: 436
    cenkiss said:

    I am from anatolia so badlands i guess. All orcland.

    Hello there my ogre friend how are you enjoying warhammer.
  • Milano3093Milano3093 Registered Users Posts: 37
    i'm from Marienburg.....Now hand over that gold! LOL
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