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Yu Jin leaves Cao Cao on A World Betrayed

FoliFFFoliFF Registered Users Posts: 8
edited April 2021 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
This might be posted before but my quick search haven't seen anything.

This is on the current 1.7.0 patch

Every time you start a Cao Cao campain on A World Betrayed start date, you will get greeted that Yu Jin left the faction.

Which is strange I thought CA have fixed that unique characters leaves the faction upon the start of the game. It is also strange since the couple of times I played on 194 with the Bandit and Lu Bu Cao Cao have no issues keeping Yu Jin.

This is a real bummer I was expecting to play with Cao Cao during 194 start for the extras characters and I am not at the moment intrested in the Fates Divided DLC.

edit: Just checked on Very Hard and Yu Jin has satisfaction of 4 and Legendary it add additionally 4 disatisfaction so no wonder Yu Jin leaves. Simplest situation would add a title for him or remove the lack of purpose and faction and development.
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