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+++ [Vox Intercept: Isle of Wights, Albion, Mallus] +++

MaedrethnirMaedrethnir Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 15,316


Addendum: For the Emperor!


The current implementation of the Spellthirster Hydra is rather lacklustre:

CA, I do wish to see it changed in the future. The Spellthirster Hydra should become a unit proper. A simple retexture accompaniesd by vfx and aura will do:

So what exactly are the changes that I would like to see?
1. Runes shaped wounds
2. Blue-black glow
3. Magic resistance for the nearby units


As for the Game3 Dark Elf DLC/FLC, I would like to see more Hydrae variants. Or at least the Royal Hydra. After all, they are one of Khaine's favourite beasts:


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