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[MOD REQUEST] Dragon Mount for Vampire Coast

RavenFrosbornRavenFrosborn Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey everybody, I'm new to modding in general and have been unable to find anything that fits what I'm looking for and I can't figure out how to do what I want myself. Would anybody be able to help me?

I'm trying to add a Dragon Mount to the Vampire Coast's Male Admirals, but have had very limited success. I was able to jury rig a Star Dragon Mount (any dragon would work really) by using the "Coast Mount +" mod and recreating the values with a dragon instead of the Necrofex.

I was able to get the skill for the mount and equip it, but had unplayable issues arise immediately. I had a T Posing admiral on top of the dragon on the campaign map which was weird but fine as the mount worked perfectly for the first battle and siege. Unfortunately after those first two battles (or whenever I left Ulthuan, not sure) the animations for the dragon completely break in battles. The wings started clipping and stretching everywhere and the main body became stuck in a static position. I've asked around and apparently it's likely an issue with the skeletons not being compatible. I tried getting the Zombie Dragon to work in the same way but wasn't able to get it's model to load this time.

I've tried reading what few guides and posts there are but can't figure this out for the life of me. If anybody can offer any help I'd greatly appreciate it!

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