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Help Wanted: Two Small Mods for Yan Baihu

ChandloreChandlore Registered Users Posts: 2
Anyone who's experienced with creating mods for TW:3K, I could use a bit of guidance here, as I've got absolutely zero experience with the creation process. To start- I'd like to make a simple mod that alters the starting geographical position of Yan Baihu's starting army. With the way his start is set up in the 190 start as of patch 1.7.0, his starting army, Lu Kang's Zone of Control, and a small river on the map interact in such a way that attacking Lu Kang takes your entire movement, making it so you can't go on to take the Lumber Yard as is intended. I'd like to move the starting army just a tiny bit over to the left, such that he crosses the small bridge and retains movement to play out the first turn as intended. How would I go about doing this?

I'd also like to create a mod that makes it so that Vassals contribute to the White Tiger Confederation, if possible. As it stands, they don't, and that makes building up this resource basically impossible. I'd imagine this would be a bit easier to do. If anyone can point me in the right direction for making these changes, that would be much appreciated.
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