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Rome 2 randomly closing 2021 Need help!

User321User321 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi guys, i just recently purchased rome 2 total war because it seemd a fun and tactical game i started by playing the campaign and custom battles wo experiecning any issues, however when i hopped on multiplayer with some friends i started having the game closing down randomly mostly in loading screens but even when i lobby's not always just sometimes completely random its not an performance issue because my pc can easlily handle big battles with ai without having any issues. I have already tried everything there is to find online, verifying intergrity of game files, reinstallings, removing the rome2 and the compatibility fix but nothing seems to work. it is just really annoying and there seems to be no logic in the random shut downs. so if anybody happend to have this issue any help would be greatly appreciated!

pc specs
gforce 1080
i run windows 10
and it is installed on a 500gb ssd with more then plently of memory left.


  • vipersitovipersito Registered Users Posts: 1
    Im having the same issues. I heard it is a compatibility drivers issue of nvidia. idk how to fix it :(
    Hope they fix it with next update. I want to play rome 2 multiplayer and i my game close in lobby. I dont know why...
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